More About Co-Workers At Facebook | Work It Daily

More About Co-Workers At Facebook | Work It Daily


More About Co-Workers At Facebook | Work It Daily Work It Daily

About Facebook

Facebook is one of the world’s largest and most successful social networking platforms, with the goal of bringing the world closer together. You work at Facebook impacts billions of users around the world every single day. They live by the belief that “this journey is 1% finished” and that the work they’re doing has only just begun.

“We often love our jobs because of the people we surround ourselves with at work. The people who you share ideas with and create meaningful relationships with are the ones who make you excited to go to the office every day. Employees at Facebook are all dedicated to achieving the same mission of bringing the world closer together.” #menlopark #CA #facebook #tech #largebiz #coworkers #idealcandidate #companyemployees

Want to learn more about Facebook and why it’s a great place to work? Check out their Glassdoor page now!


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